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✨ Getting Started with Discord Activities

Robo.js helps you to create Discord Activities with ease, among other things.

Discord Activities are web apps that run inside Discord and can be built using HTML, CSS, and JavaScript. They use Discord's Embedded App SDK to interact with Discord APIs.

Quick Start

Ready to start your adventure? Try Create Robo in your terminal:

npx create-robo <projectName> -k activity

This will spawn a new Robo.js project ready to use as a Discord Activity. We call these Robos.

How does Robo.js help?

Robo.js simplifies the process by providing features and an ecosystem of plugins to help you build your Discord Activity faster and more efficiently.

Here's what you can expect:

  • One Project: Everything is in one place, making it easy to manage. No more separate backend and frontend projects.
  • Integrated Database: Robo.js has an built-in KV database that can be pointed to any data source via adapters.
  • TypeScript Support: TypeScript works out of the box, so you can use it without any setup.
  • Built-in Tunnels: The Robo CLI automatically sets up free Cloudflare tunnels for easy testing.
  • Plugin System: Extend your activity's features with plugins that integrate seamlessly.
  • Easy Hosting: Deploy your activity with just one command for others to use, or self-host it on your own.
  • Ecosystem: A growing ecosystem of plugins, templates, and tools to help you build faster with less effort.


Discord Activities are like web apps, but there are a few unique things you should know.

These docs cover everything you need to know about creating Discord Activities with Robo.js, from setting up your project to adding features and deploying it for others to use.


Creating Discord Activities is easy to learn, but we also have tutorials to help you get started quickly.

Plugin Power Ups

Robo Plugins are special. They let you add features to your Robo with one command.

npx robo add @robojs/ai @robojs/sync

Plugins integrate seamlessly thanks to the Robo File Structure. What's more, anyone can create a plugin.


Join our server to chat with other developers, ask questions, and share your projects.

Our very own Robo, Sage, is there to answer any questions about Robo.js, Discord's SDK, and more.

AI Plugin

Sage is powered by @robojs/ai

Learn More

Robo.js has a lot to offer for such a tiny framework with zero dependencies.

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