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Hosting Overview

Hosting your Robo.js project allows you to keep it running 24/7, so you can access it from anywhere at any time. No need to keep your computer on at all times, or worry about your internet connection.

You can host your Robo on any platform that supports Node.js. We also have our own hosting platform called RoboPlay, which is built to work seamlessly with Robo.js.


Robo.js is built to work seamlessly with RoboPlay, a WavePlay service. They were built for each other from the ground up to make deploying and managing your Robo.js projects as easy as possible.

Deploying is as simple as running a single command:

npx robo deploy

The same command can be used to update your Robo. Feel free to run this command anytime you want to push new updates.

Check out the RoboPlay Section for more information.


If you prefer to host your Robo.js project yourself, you can do so on any platform that supports Node.js. Just make sure to build with robo build and start with robo start.

Be careful when self-hosting, as you'll need to manage your server, security, and updates yourself. Make sure you also don't accidentally use robo dev in production, as it's not optimized for performance nor security.

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