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✨ Getting Started

Robo.js is a powerful framework for building epic Discord experiences.

It lets you reduce boilerplate, add features instantly, follow best practices, deploy with ease, automate tasks, persist data, debug inline, share features, manage state, stay organized, join an ecosystem, and so much more. All for less than 700kB.

Best of all, it works with your existing code. You may even find it fun!

Quick Start

Ready to start your adventure? Try Create Robo in your terminal:

npx create-robo <projectName>

This will spawn a new Robo.js project ready to use. We call these Robos.

Choose Your Adventure

You can use Robo.js for many types of projects. Let the stars guide you:

Plugin Power Ups

Robo Plugins are special. They let you add features to your Robo with one command.

npx robo add @robojs/ai @robojs/server

Plugins integrate seamlessly thanks to the Robo File Structure. What's more, anyone can create a plugin.


Join our server to chat with other developers, ask questions, and share your projects.

Our very own Robo, Sage, is there to answer any questions about Robo.js, Discord, and more.

AI Plugin

Sage is powered by @robojs/ai

Learn More

Robo.js has a lot to offer for such a tiny framework with zero dependencies.

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