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⚡ Create Robo

The create-robo interactive CLI is your go-to for kickstarting fresh Robo.js projects and plugins! It's a nifty standalone tool that won't bloat your project, and it'll hold your hand through the setup process like a pro.

New Robo

Ready to create a project named "my-awesome-robo"? Here's how:

npx create-robo my-awesome-robo

Once you're in, the CLI will walk you through three easy-peasy steps:

  1. TypeScript or nah? (yes/no)
  2. Choose your features! (ESLint, Prettier, Plugins - mix and match, or skip 'em all!)
  3. Pop in your Discord token and client id. Wanna skip it? Just press enter, but remember to edit your .env file later.

New Plugin

Got your eyes on crafting a plugin? Run the CLI with the --plugin option:

npx create-robo my-awesome-plugin --plugin

This will guide you through two simple steps:

  1. TypeScript or nah? (yes/no)
  2. Choose your features! (ESLint, Prettier)


Feeling adventurous? This CLI's got options for ya:

  • -f, --features <features> comma-separated list of features to include
  • --js, --javascript create a Robo using JavaScript
  • -k, --kit choose a kit to start off with your Robo
  • -ni, --no-install skips the installation of dependencies
  • -nu, --no-update skips the update check
  • -P, --plugin lets you craft a plugin project instead of a full-fledged Robo
  • -p, --plugins <plugins> installs plugins from the start (e.g., @robojs/ai)
  • -rv, --robo-version <version> specify a Robo.js version to use
  • -t, --template <template> create a Robo from an online template
  • --ts, --typescript create a Robo using TypeScript
  • -v, --verbose print more information for debugging


Kits are pre-defined features and templates that you can use to start off your Robo. Here are some of the available kits:

  • activity - Create a Discord Activity
  • bot - Create a Discord Bot
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