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Tailored for Discord server management, this plugin includes a suite of commands essential for moderation. With enhanced features like anonymous warnings, attachment inclusion in reports, and comprehensive mod channel logs, it takes moderation to the next level.

📚 Documentation: Getting started

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Installation 💻

To add this plugin to your Robo.js project:

npx robo add @robojs/moderation

New to Robo.js? Start your project with this plugin pre-installed:

npx create-robo <project-name> -p @robojs/moderation

Slash Commands

Utilize these commands for efficient moderation:

/mod auditDelve into a member's server interactions and activities.
/mod banEffectively ban members who violate server rules.
/mod forgiveClear strikes or infractions, offering members a fresh start.
/mod kickTemporarily remove disruptive members from your server.
/mod reportFacilitate community-driven reporting of issues.
/mod setupInitiate and configure your moderation setup.
/mod timeoutImpose timeouts on members for cooling-off periods.
/mod warnIssue warnings to members, adding to their strike count.

Context Commands

Enhance user experience with context-specific commands:

Report Anonymously (Message)Enable members to report issues anonymously.
Audit (User)Quickly access a user's activity log with a click.

Moderation Channels

Moderation channels are dedicated spaces for tracking and managing server activities:

  • Moderator Logs: Detailed logs of every moderation action taken.
  • Moderator Mail: Central hub for receiving and managing user reports.

Seamless Setup

Once you add the plugin, run the /mod setup command as a moderator to configure your moderation tools:

  • Moderation Channels: Set up your moderation channels for logging and reporting.
  • Confirmation Mode: Require explicit confirmation for each action, avoiding accidental moderation.
  • Lockdown Mode: Allow only moderators to use this Robo.
  • Test Mode: Safely simulate moderation actions for training purposes.

AI Integration

"@SageBot please ban @Baguette for spamming bread"

Integrate with @robojs/ai to experience the next level of moderation. Use natural language for commands and watch your Robo execute them with AI's understanding.

npx robo add @robojs/ai

Automatic Poll Deletion

Don't like poll spam? Enable automatic poll deletion to keep your server clean and organized.

// config/plugins/robojs/moderation.mjs
export default {
deletePolls: true

Starting Your Robo.js Journey

If you're new to Robo.js:

npx create-robo <name>

Enjoy your enhanced moderation experience! 🚀

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