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Welcome to @robojs/maintenance! This plugin is designed to seamlessly integrate with your existing Robo.js project and provide new features and enhancements to your robo. The best part? Everything automatically works once you install this plugin!

Installation 💻

To install this plugin, navigate to your Robo project's directory and run the following command:

npm install @robojs/maintenance

Next, add the plugin to your Robo's configuration file, typically located at .config/robo.mjs. Add the following lines:

* @type {import('robo.js').Plugin}
const roboplayPluginMaintenance = [
// ... optional customization options

* @type {import('robo.js').Config}
export default {
// ... rest of your configuration
plugins: [roboplayPluginMaintenance]

That's it! Your Robo now has access to the additional features provided by this plugin. The plugin's commands and events are automatically linked, and if your Robo requires any additional bot permissions, they will be inherited when running robo invite to generate an invite link.

Enjoy your enhanced Robo! 🚀

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