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Welcome to @robojs/better-stack! This plugin seamlessly integrates with your existing Robo.js project, providing a comprehensive link to Better Stack, a renowned third-party service. With Better Stack, monitor your Robo's uptime and integrate logs in a visually appealing and searchable format.


Before integrating this plugin, ensure you've signed up for an account on Better Stack.

Installation 💻

To install this plugin, navigate to your existing Robo project's directory and run the following command:

npx robo add @robojs/better-stack

Once installed, the plugin enhances your Robo with Better Stack's capabilities.

Heartbeat Monitoring Setup

To initiate heartbeat monitoring:

  1. Log into your Better Stack account.
  2. Create a new heartbeat, preferably naming it after your Robo.
  3. Copy the generated URL.
  4. Paste the URL into the plugin's config file: /config/plugins/roboplay/plugin-better-stack.mjs
export default {
heartbeat: {
url: ''

Optional Configurations:

  • interval: Set the frequency of requests to the heartbeat URL in milliseconds. Defaults to 5000ms (5 seconds).
  • debug: Control debug logging for the heartbeat. While it's set to false by default to prevent spam, turning it on ensures correct heartbeat setup.

Log Integration

Firstly, set up your source in Better Stack to receive a unique sourceToken.

Method 1: Using Config File

In the plugin config file, pass your sourceToken:

export default {

Method 2: Using Environment Variable

Use an environment variable in your .env file:


Method 3: Direct Drain Creation

Create a drain directly within the primary config file, robo.mjs. This method captures logs early, ensuring comprehensive log coverage.

// @ts-check
import { createLogtailDrain } from '@robojs/better-stack'

* @type {import('robo.js').Config}
export default {
// ... other configurations
logger: {
drain: createLogtailDrain(process.env.LOGTAIL_TOKEN)

Yet to embark on a Robo.js journey? Kickstart your Robo project!

Harness the synergy of Robo.js and Better Stack for an enhanced bot experience! 🚀

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