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🚀 RoboPlay

Robo.js is built to work seamlessly with RoboPlay, a WavePlay service. They were built for each other from the ground up to make deploying and managing your Robo.js projects as easy as possible.

Looking to self-host? Check out the Self-Hosting section!


Just run this one command:

npx robo deploy

This command will optimize your project and host it on RoboPlay. First-time deployers will be guided through a quick setup process, and you'll be up and running in no time!

The same command can be used to update your Robo. Feel free to run this command anytime you want to push new updates.


RoboPlay offers Pods, which are like virtual private servers (VPS) for your Robo. Currently, each RoboPlay account comes with 1 free Beta Pod. Want more? We'll be offering additional Pods for a small fee in the future.

Checking Status

To check the status of RoboPlay and your deployed Robos, run:

npx robo cloud status

This will let you know if your Robos are up and running, or if there are any issues. You can also check our status page for updates.

Note: Pods live independently from our main RoboPlay infrastructure, so rest assured that your Robos will stay up and running even if RoboPlay itself experiences downtime.

Managing Pods

You can manage your pods with the command:

npx robo cloud stop

This will stop your selected pod and bring your Robo offline. Stopping your pod will not delete any data, so you can start it back up whenever you're ready.

To start it back up, run:

npx robo cloud start

And that's it! Your Robo will be back online and ready to serve. Keep in mind that deploying again will automatically start your Robo.

Checking Logs

To check the logs of your Robo, run:

npx robo cloud logs

This will show you the logs of your Robo, helping you debug any issues that may arise during runtime.


RoboPlay is currently in beta, so we're rolling out access slowly. If you're interested in trying it out, you can sign up for the waitlist at We'll let you know as soon as your invite is ready!

You can also join our Discord server to chat with the community and get the latest updates on RoboPlay. Who knows? You might even get bumped up the list!

Sage AI

You can also chat with Sage, our AI Robo, on Discord! Sage is powered by @robojs/ai and can answer your questions about Robo.js, Discord Activities, and more.

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