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⚙️ Robo CLI

The Robo.js CLI helps you manage your bot project like a boss. Here's a quick overview of the available commands and options, grouped by their purpose:

-V, --version output the version number
-h, --help display help for command

dev [options] Ready, set, code your bot to life! Starts development mode.
start [options] Starts your bot in production mode.

build [options] Builds your bot for production.
build plugin Optimizes your source files to be published as a plugin via npm.

help [command] Display help for command
upgrade Updates Robo.js and all installed plugins.

deploy [options] Deploys your bot to RoboPlay!
invite Generates a link for servers to add your Robo.


  • dev: The primary way to run your Robo during development. It behaves similarly to nodemon or ts-node-dev, restarting your project when changes are detected. This command runs build behind the scenes, automatically updating bot commands.
  • start: Used for running your Robo in production after running build. This is only necessary if you're self-hosting instead of using RoboPlay to host your Robo for free.


  • build: Prepares your project for production by compiling your source files, generating a manifest file, and registering any command updates. You need to run this command before using start.
  • build plugin: Works similarly to build, but optimizes your source files to be published as a plugin via npm.


  • add: Installs a plugin from npm and registers it with your Robo. You can also use this command to install plugins from a local directory!
  • remove: Uninstalls a plugin from your Robo and removes its config file.


  • help: Displays help for this CLI or a specific command. Can be used like this: robo help or also as a command option robo build --help
  • upgrade: Updates Robo.js and all installed plugins.


  • deploy: Bundles your Robo's source files and hosts it on RoboPlay for free (currently invite-only).
  • invite: Generates an invite link to add your Robo onto Discord servers with permissions and all. For more information on adding your bot, refer to the Adding to Discord Servers docs.
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